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  1. @Evavoo I'm amazed how many people claim they can't find filament in 2.85mm or 1.75mm. Every manufacturer (except maybe Prusa) sells both sizes. 1) Try searching for "3mm" as some sellers still call it 3mm or 2.9mm (even though the actual size is 2.85 or 2.9mm). 2) Try a little harder. If you can find a filament in 1.75 then the same store will have the same thing in 3mm. I have had MANY customers with the same complaint as you and it took me all of 5 minutes to find what they needed in the country or region they were in.
  2. Note that the Ultimaker 2+ Connect cover WILL NOT FIT your ultimaker 2+. 1) I recommend not using ABS - not sure which property you care about but PLA is typically and tough PLA is tougher. If you want higher temp filament there are other choices (depending on temperature) such as nGen and PETG that are easier to print and don't smell so horrible as ABS. 2) splitting is caused by bad layer adhesion. You can simply lower the fan. A lot. Experiment with the fans - in TUNE menu, bring it down to 0% and then up very slowly until it starts spinning. Note the minimum % w
  3. I just loaded your project and sliced on Ubuntu and couldn't get the error. It slices fine. HOWEVER I had to reduce the part size to 98% to get it to fit on the bed. Usually project files are supposed to store everything including scaling of the part. It said you had an Ender 3. Is that correct? anyway I couldn't get it to fail. I changed the layer height from 0.2 to 0.11 and 0.003 and I don't get those triangular shelves. So either you included the wrong project file or something didn't get saved into the project file (I'm guessing something about the printer aka "machine")
  4. That's my question as well. @GregValiant I thought you implied that you didn't get the problem with his project file but I'm not certain. I don't think you were explicit.
  5. I agree that it should be comma (not semicolons) and commas in numbers should be quoted: hello,5, "1,0mm" However also realize that when you import a random text file it pops up a dialog that lets you choose the delimiter to be semicolon so if you name the file "txt" instead of "csv" it's only one or two extra clicks to import into excel. In my (older) version of excel if you pasted the text (semicolon delimited) you can select the column and choose the option "text to columns" and you get the same dialog where you can choose semicolon as the delimiter.
  6. 10 months late @Mangee but thanks for helping out!
  7. @acp - I have learned important information from Ultimaker employees and will be updating my notes on my unbricking page soon!
  8. The point of the project file is so that we would have the exact same settings (adaptive layers versus not, bad model versus good, .01 layer versus whatever). And also same placement of the model in the same location (in case you rotated it or moved it) and so on. Also there is "fixed" and there is truly fixed. Did you create the model yourself? If so what CAD software? Anyway this is a model problem and not something Cura team will fix. You are correct about that. It would be good though for you to know how to avoid this in the future. This particular
  9. Oh. I hope your printer is still "square". A common problem in bad shipping is that the sides of the printer are no longer perpendicular and the gantry is now "banana" and impossible to level as two diagonal corners of the gantry are high and the other two are low. Check to make sure everything visually looks square. And push the glass up until it just touches the nozzle but with a gap and with the other hand push the head around to see if the glass and the nozzle are parallel.
  10. I still think you should watch the video (again?). The most likely issue is "squish" but it could be any of the 4 or so issues I list. Lifted corners is... very very common when you are still learning how to do amazing bed adhesion. I explain what causes it and how to fix it. When you get good bed adhesion you will be asking a different question: how do i get these parts off the print bed?
  11. You call it "support blocker" but I think the official name is "modifier mesh". When you first created it, perhaps it was called a support blocker but as soon as you changed it to do something else it became a modifier mesh. I think.
  12. Stopping for 30 seconds is bad as the nozzle is sitting on the print somewhere during this time and melting it and also the filament expands (because it's just sitting inside the nozzle heating up) and squirts out a bit and you get this... button/divot thing. Also there's thousands of other products that might upgrade and reboot windows at any random moment.
  13. Not sure but I think you either have "spiralize" turned on or infill turned off. Most likely spiralize. If you click on the star next to the profile name and click all the tabs (usually just extruder 1) you can see what you have overridden versus the default. Typically they are italic if you changed something.
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