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  1. I´ll change the belts and clean the motors. Hope that helps.. Its has about 3,500 hours of printing now so i guess its about time. Yeah, especially when you have the machine on your desk, as i have. Thanx for all your replys guys!
  2. Yes, and i can see some debris from the belts. Ill try to clean them, but i guess i need to replace them to rule them out. I´m now sure its not the feeder. The sound is really annoying...
  3. I’ll try your suggestions, thank you. Talked to the Ultimaker support at my location, they thought it might be the belts that’s been worn out. They look fine thou.
  4. Thank you. It’s been going on for about 2 weeks now.
  5. Hello, My Ultimaker 2+ has started squeaking while printing. It seems to occur only in the y axis direction and on slow speeds. I´ve tighten all the screws and oiled all the rods. What might be wrong? And what can i do to fix it? Here is a videos - https://youtu.be/jy57rQxY3tY Regards, Simon
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