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  1. Printing the same model, different slice, on another printer gives different results. First printer, Reprap Firmware (Duet3d) shows the seams. Second printer, klipper, do not show the seams. It's unclear if it's the GCODE is bad or the interpretation in wrong. Just like burtoogle showed that the CURA and S3D rendering was different.
  2. Poking around in the code I see there is python in there. No wonder that UI is so sluggish and takes random long pauses, just like java but 10 years later.
  3. Alternative CURA forks, interesting. I had no idea. Please push the fix upstream. I am a professional software developer, but in this case I prefer to stay a user. But it is very nice to see that open source works 🙂
  4. Got a github source link for that? I do not install random dropbox things on my computer.
  5. I sliced a simple cone that I exported from Fusion 360. In that case the place of the seam is always close to where the first travel move enters the cone.
  6. The model is https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-woman-body-optimised-for-vase-mode-84682
  7. I have noted that even if using spiral mode there are seams in the model. They can be seen in the preview and the printed model. Moving around the model on the build plate will move the seam to different places. It makes no sense that spiral mode have seams.
  8. disallowed areas, good thinking! That should to it, thanks.
  9. I have an obsession building printers with strange kinematics. They tend to have non-square and non-elliptical print areas. Is there a way to define a custom print area in CURA? I could write an addon/plugin to CURA if the APIs are exposed...
  10. Disabling "Use Towers" removed the pointless supports. I'm sure it disabled something useful too 😞 I try to stick to defaults as much as possible. Countless hours of testing and engineering when into the defaults. But these dud supports makes no sense.
  11. Cura is making these strange supports that ends in thin air. I do not understand how they help the print. They tend to break and cause problems when they are tall. Is there a way to get rid of them?
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