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  1. Thanks. I found this, which answered my question regarding the (3) plastic parts, spring and metal sleeve. It's in another language but I was able to see how it all goes back together! If Matterhackers provides a manual for the complete re-assembly I will share it here.
  2. I am waiting on Matterhackers to see what their communication with Ultimaker results in. The most upsetting part is the malfunction occurred using the default settings. I still need assembly instructions and cannot find them anywhere. If anyone knows please advise thanks!
  3. Also, regarding the ABS print, no enclosure and poor bed adhesion. I have since upgraded and have my UM3+ enclosed with good print results with nylon (+10 to 15 degrees print core, default bed temp).
  4. I had a bad print go all day and came home to find a large blob of nylon melted all around my AA print core, partially onto the BB. So much to the extent that the fan hinged down pulling out one of the wires. I have had a few successful prints, in the month I've owned my UM3+, however this is the second time this has happened. First time was ABS (using original glue stick) with default ABS settings. This failed print (2nd time print core disaster) setting was default for Nylon (previous successful nylon prints I ran core temperature +15); I deduce is too cold since the lines apparentl
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