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  1. Had some USB trouble on a Creality Ender 2 maybe it's related. For me the issue was that the USB cable didn't sit well enough in the port which is a bit too large. I could solve it by pressing down the metal pin on top of the USB port. Now I can't remove the cable any more but the connectivity is stable ?
  2. Hello Happy Cura user new to the community. I am having a little problem, I like to print the outer wall slower than normal for extra surface quality but what I'm experiencing is uneven extrusion on the beginning of the outer wall. Some centimeters into the wall the extrusion becomes nice and even. I am fairly certain that this is an issue with the pressure in the bowden tube being too high or too low at the moment the outer wall starts, so I tried adjusting the pressure before going into the outer wall using a number of things * avoid traveling before printing the
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