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  1. Notification from support: This is not a bug, it seems to be behaving as expected. If you turn off the display of output of your (single) extruder, there is nothing left. The "Extruder" checkbox does not make too much sense for a single-extrusion printer, but there would be "Extruder 1", "Extruder 2", ... checkboxes for a multi-extruder printer, so you can check what each individual extruder does. For single extruder printers, just keep that "Extruder" checkbox checked. Question is closed.
  2. I propose to improve the viewing mode of cutting layers. Each layer is painted in a specific color depending on the value of the parameter that displays the color (speed, layer thickness, line type). There is also a strip with a gradient of colors. But for this band it is impossible to understand the value of the parameter that displays the color. I would like that when you hover the cursor on a color trail on a 3D model, under the cursor, a list of parameters characterizing the current print time will appear. And on the gradient bar should display the area corresponding to the current value of the parameter with a numeric display.
  3. The problem occurs when viewing parts layers after cutting.The visualization of the part disappears when the displayed layer changes. It's easier to watch the video, everything is clearly shown there.I could not upload the video due to site problems, so I’m adding a link you can see the GIF(500MB) here https://cloud.mail.ru/public/DhkE/rkJRrh9tu or GIF(200 mb)here https://cloud.mail.ru/public/CJzX/RGHmzUHMF Second Bug. I think when I select/unselect the checkbox the 3d-part must appear/disappear. The Gif-video (1MB) presents it: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/NDog/t9dB4aUJg
  4. I have printer Creality CR10-mini. when I first turned on the printer after purchase, everything worked without problems, the program was connected to the printer. Then I reflashed the printer with TH3d firmware, after which Cura stopped seeing the printer, although other slicers see it.
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