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  1. I figured out the issue. It turns out the PLA was severed in the back and it was trying to force misshapen PLA up. I appreciated the help! I will keep this cataloged if I run into an issue again. Thank you!
  2. I have just gone through the loading process with both print heads ( 0.44 BB ) first. That one worked fine. In the loading processfpr the 0.4 AA print head the head heated but it looks like the motor is not pushing filament forward as it was for the 0.4 BB printhead, and thus filament does not come through
  3. The loading process is when the filament travels up the tube and into the nozzle Im assuming. It feeds filament up the bowden tube, but when it heads the print head and tries to push filament through it does not come through. The screen says the print head is being heated please confirm when filament drips. The filament never drips.
  4. Yes. I am using the metallic silver PLA that came with the box and the clear/yellow PVA that came with the box.
  5. Hi there, We got a ultimaker 3 yesterday and I ran into an issue that I have, so far, been unable to resolve. I am using 3mm (2.85mm) PLA and PVA wiht 0.4 AA and 0.4 BB print cores. The PVA prints fine. The error arises with the PLA From the I can tell the head heats fine. The motor feeds filament up the filament tube, but once it is trying to extrude material the motor no longer turns/ filament does not extrude. Does any one have any tips/ran into this before? Thank you
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