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  1. A lot of my cylindrical objects are having this issue (not my picture but similar) and on a facebook group someone posted the following regarding it: Was looking to confirm the issue is retraction and not something else, and for some advice regarding best practices to minimize this characteristic. I generally print at .2 or .1 layer heights, and the adhesion seems weaker at anything larger (to the point where the layers just crumble). This is with multiple PLA brands and colors. In general the print looks outstanding otherwise. Regards
  2. Is there a plugin allowing me to change the layer height at a particular layer? Especially for large prints, for the bulk of it a 0.2 layer height works great to reduce print time, but suffers on curves, domes, and so on especially near the top of prints, so it would be nice to be able to switch to a finer layer height (like 0.1) for these areas. Or perhaps an adaptive layer height that will automatically switch to a finer layer once the print reaches certain angles (max / min layer height bounds and angle defined by user). Regards
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