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  1. Hi, "what do you mean by "too high"?" distance beetwin nozzle and glass is to big. approximately 0.2 mm "Is your first layer not on the build plate?" the first layer is on le build plate "Was the autoleveling successful?" Yes "Is this for both nozzles or just for one?" both "Just one idea, which made me some problems. Is your model really on the build plate in your slicer or is the z height incorrect.I disabled the function "Automatically drop models to the build plate" in Cura once for some reason and forgot to turn it on again, so some models where some millimeter off the build plate." The model is on right position on slicer. "What you can do else is to manually level your build plate." I know, but i try to work with "auto level" fuction Thank you Best regards
  2. Hi, after doing an autolevel, the nozzle is too high compared to the glass. Unfortunately, the offset parameter of the Z axis can not be negative. What can I do? Thank you in advance for your help.
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