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  1. Thank you for your 'articulate' answer. I'll make small tests has you mentioned. Your answer gives me orientation in the material I can print with. (PLA) I've also discover the Smooth-on answer to my question. They recommend the coatings of XTC-3D, to protect the model. I realize that in the modeling world, everyone wants to sell you something that you may not need... Or worse, inappropriate material.
  2. HI and thanks for your appreciated help. I am a hobbyist and I wonder what will happen to my 3D print when I'll try to make a mold with it. For example; If I use my PLA printed part and immerge it in a urethane based product, or an epoxy resin. Will it melt ? To turn around the question. What filament will not melt with urethane, epoxy resins and silicone ? That is what I'd really want to know. Regards !
  3. I appreciate your help with this project. I'll follow your indications. Once done, I'll get in touch to let you know the results...
  4. Thanks you for your input gr5 // I understand the idea about stiffness versus flexibility. The part I want to make goes at the tip of a stick. I want to design a outdoor hockey blade. I wonder if any of the filament could be strong enough.
  5. I want to obtain a very resistant part. (Impact resistant and abrasion resistant). I read about PEHD, HIPS, PC and Nilon, I wonder if one of those would do well with a Creality printer. I also want to spend no more than 50$ Can per Kg. Do you have any recommendations ? Thank you.
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