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  1. Hi, It is PLA, and it will be some loads on it. Approximatively 5 or 6 oranges for each paires of paralele stick. I will send pictures at the end of the project if you want it. I'm not yet sure for the thickness, I will do some tests. For the adherence, I got for my christmas the "CCTREE 3D Printer Build Surface" It is insaly adhesive, I don't use "skirt brim raft" any more. For my part I could put the opening on the the top. But I'm still wondering why I can't have this : So I made some tests : There is two factor here : the shell was the thing that prevent me to have the bridge over the wall instead of inside. And the straight lines can be obtain by reducing my top layer height. So I guess I can Close this topic. Thank you for all those who helped me 😄
  2. If I do that, do not I have the same issue with a horizontale plan? The only solution is to rotate with the opening on top. But it include major modification to the part. I just tought to one more solution : print 1 more part for each extremity. I print it upside down, and I use it to close the cube ^^ the layers would be horizontal so the 2 parts will fit and stay together Also I tried what was purposed to me : slower and cooler, but it was no better. kind of worst because the temperature difference between the cube and the top layer make them not attached.
  3. so my project is to plug this : into this : .One stick for each "side" this is not the final 3d , because I also want the two stick to have 8 degrees (they are noot parallelle) One of the solution is to turn the part 90° and have the opening on top. But would take a modification of the part or a big support One solution is to put support in the opened cube. But one of the "simpliest" solution would be to have this : or at least this : instead of this : But no one know if there is such parameters?
  4. Thank you for all the responses. I soon as I come back home I will try cooler. I'm already really slow, how slow can we go? I will try to explain my project : the opened square will be at the end of a baguette with a square section (please excuse me for my french english ^^') , with the open in his opponent direction. In it, I will plug a wood baguette with a 10*10 mm square section. So I guess it is ok if I can't remove support perfectly. I will send screenshots when I get back Home.
  5. Thank you for your response . I know it would 🙂. But no, I can't because it would be very difficult to remove inside the cube. I'm not a complete beginner, but supports are still something I avoid if I can, because every time I use it, it is very difficult to remove or it is not very supporting.
  6. Hi everyone, For a project, I will have to success a print that end with a opened square of 10x10 mm² I can't figure out what parameters I need in order to have a not collapsing top layer that it bridging between the three wall of the openend cube. I read a lot of tuto and played with a lot of experimental parameters (bridge : slower, cooler...) but it still dont work. I'm on Cura 3.3.1 with a Anet E10 My test cube is 10x10 mm² with wall as thick as possible (0.8mm) I guess if I could have straigth line instead of diagonal ones and if the filament would go a little on the wall instead of going back immediately, it would be great.
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