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  1. Thank you so much Smithy for your consideration 😄
    A little clarity on...

    1. Can I Bake my Nylon spool on my ultimaker3 heat bed. (like Ultimaker website suggested for PVA). If yes, then what temperature and time for nylon?

    2. Yes, I agree the Polybox would be better. But it will take few days to ship to my country and till then i have imp prints to give, So made this hack myself. But my question is the polybox claims to maintain humidity % below 10% and claims hygroscopic materials requires humdity% below 15 %. I am pretty sure my hack box is not keeping humidity% below 15%. it somewhere between 40-45%.

    and on ultimaker website it says Hygroscopic materials can print upto 50 % humidity,
    So what should be the humidity% maintained for prinitng Nylon an Pva ?

  2. Hello Everyone:)


    My NYLON and PVA are showing signs of moisture absorption (crackling sound when printing and bubbles)
    My current room humidity measures 45- 50%


    One thing still not clear is what is the Humidity % required to print PVA and Nylon (hygroscopic materials) without absorbing humidity ?
    On ultimaker website it seems to be written upto 50% is okay.
    but polymaker seems to say less than 15% humidity is required to print.
    I store both my materials in airtight box with lots of silica.
    I have attached photos of the same.



    What is the best option to print with my current humidity % (45-50%): ?

    Option1: Bake Nylon and PVA on the ultimaker 3 heatbed at 55 deg for few hours before hand when printing. and later keep it in the airtight box with silica.

    Option2: Make a carboard box with a lots of silica in it and put it on the ultimaker spools and stick it leaving 2 holes for material to feed into the feeder. ( I have made this for time being for some urgent prints.


    Option3: cover the whole printer with a huge box so that minimum air goes inside and put  lot of silica inside.

    Option 4: Buy Poly box (drybox) for Nylon and PVA, But it will disable NFC feature and create other extrusion problems because of travel from poly box to feeder.( i read in posts)

    Please suggest best solution to this problem.

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