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  1. Thanks Deeps. I ended up disconnecting the non-power cables coming from the Material Station. I then ran the filament from a stand alone spool holder for convenience, rather than attempt to reinstall the spool holders on the back of the S5. I received warnings about the NFC spool not being connected (normally I guess this is overridden by the Material Station connection), but the print ran OK. I agree that this is annoying. However, once you've reached the back of the printer to access the feeder anyway, unplugging the Material Station is not really too much of a pain. It would certainly be ni
  2. Hi, just wondering what the best solution is when needing to bypass the Material Station - due to either oversize ( > 750g) or non supported filament? Do I have to unplug the Material Station from the S5, or is there a more convenient solution? Thanks in advance. Oli
  3. Yes, I have replaced and also tried reinserting the cores. Could this be caused by issues in the hotend outside (upstream) of the print core?
  4. I have tried a few ASA profiles, but still get the same error (albeit at different stages of the print job). I will keep trying others.
  5. Thanks both - the generic ABS seems to be OK. However, I am now getting heater errors on the print core (ER31). I have tried replacing the print core (AA), but the print gets to about the same stage when stopping. Does anyone have any suggestions on this? The nozzles do not have the silicone covers on (didn't when I bought it) - is the temperature management so sensitive that this could trigger that error..?
  6. I am new to the UM S5 and Material Station, but am wanting to try and print with ASA and HIPS. I now realise that the profile for the Filamentive ASA I am trying to print with (or any ASA or HIPS as far as I can tell) is not optimised for the Material Station. Does anyone have any suggestions on how you print with a material that is not 'compatible' with the Material Station?
  7. Thanks gr5. This is good to know. I had reached the conclusion that using the nozzles in the old block was probably the only option open to me, but did not want to do this before checking they were compatible.
  8. Hi, I have bought a 3D Solex Matchless set as an intended upgrade to my UMO+. I wanted the versatility of different nozzle sizes and this appeared to be a good option - although I understood that I would have to print a new fan shroud to account for the reduced nozzle height and so have done this. However, the problem I now have is getting it all connected up. I have the Peek Isolator https://imaginables.com.au/products/peek-isolator-umo which ordinarily connects to the hot end isolator tube https://fbrc8.com/products/hot-end-isolator-tube and then the UMO heater block https://fbrc
  9. I recently received what I believed to be an Ultimaker Original+ from an authorised distributor. I followed the assembly guide and started to notice parts that were missing, including the heated plate. I also now notice that I have wooden parts such as the brackets to support the acrylic plate on the Original that would not be needed on the Original + and I am missing various parts including motor spacers, the laser pack, sintered bushings. Despite arriving in an Ultimaker Original+ box I believe I have received an Ultimaker Original which is now partly assembled. Has
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