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  1. Thanks gr5. This is good to know. I had reached the conclusion that using the nozzles in the old block was probably the only option open to me, but did not want to do this before checking they were compatible.
  2. Hi, I have bought a 3D Solex Matchless set as an intended upgrade to my UMO+. I wanted the versatility of different nozzle sizes and this appeared to be a good option - although I understood that I would have to print a new fan shroud to account for the reduced nozzle height and so have done this. However, the problem I now have is getting it all connected up. I have the Peek Isolator https://imaginables.com.au/products/peek-isolator-umo which ordinarily connects to the hot end isolator tube https://fbrc8.com/products/hot-end-isolator-tube and then the UMO heater block https://fbrc8.com/products/heater-block-umo to which the umo nozzle connects. Logically I assumed I replace the entire heater block, but I am struggling to insert the solex block connected like this (although it looks like it fits it just shreds the thread of the Peek Isolator https://www.3djake.uk/3d-solex/matchless-v3-block?gclid=Cj0KCQjwhPfkBRD0ARIsAAcYycGEIn9MYmM45ioLyn3euNQKFdoS4hzDWXPSv164fF0LeWrHnAL306oaAsllEALw_wcB I am fairly new to 3D printing (as you may tell) and would appreciate any advice. Should what I am trying work, or am I missing something? Thanks in advance, Oli
  3. I recently received what I believed to be an Ultimaker Original+ from an authorised distributor. I followed the assembly guide and started to notice parts that were missing, including the heated plate. I also now notice that I have wooden parts such as the brackets to support the acrylic plate on the Original that would not be needed on the Original + and I am missing various parts including motor spacers, the laser pack, sintered bushings. Despite arriving in an Ultimaker Original+ box I believe I have received an Ultimaker Original which is now partly assembled. Has anyone else experienced a problem like this? My only other thought is that what separates an Original from an Original + is an extra box of parts and that this was not delivered. Can anyone clarify this - does the Original+ come in a single box? How are Ultimaker at addressing these kinds of issues? Thanks, Oli
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