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  1. I've found a problem that is permanent in all these years of Cura distribution, but I never report it because I've thought someone will report it and I don't know how to use the ticket bug system. The problem is when you try to slice an item that is almost as big on its higher layer part as the building plate configured in Cura, but the base of it is quite small, if you configure any type of build plate adhesion it counts the added X,Y width of the raft/brim etc on the total width of the item instead of only the base that it will eventually slice so the slicer outputs a warning that it ca
  2. That was not a minor speedup, that was revelation! Did it had to do with qt framework handling?
  3. I tried the version 4.2.1 and the results are AMAZING! even though the selection on the settings are still quite slow, the 3d rotation of the bed plate with the object is totally changed and VERY fast, even faster than windows, the same to preview layout that was just unusable. I tried to search a history what changed on the Mac version from 4 to 4.2 and can't find anything, is there a history for the versions ? P.S it's not something I've changed on my Mac, because I also have Cura 4 and it's crawling as before, but man! 4.2.1 is getting work done again!
  4. And how is that solved? Should I install an older qt framework? Or the developers should compile for the older one?
  5. No, I'm using a Mac Pro 3,1 with mojave and nvidia 8800GT. The thing is that in the same machine on the same OS the virtualised cura works OK and it is usable, Also if I boot into windows 10 via bootcamp, Cura flies. It's like they are using some awful language in mac os for GUI that it is at least 20 times slower than its windows counterpart. youtube address of the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaOm01mTOpE
  6. Hi to all I'm using Cura 4 on a Mac and I have unbelievable laggy interface. When I use Windows version everything is as it should be. Why is that? Do I need to set something? The video below shows what exactly is the behaviour on the 2 versions and Windows version is running through a virtual machine! Cura on Mac OS vs Cura on Virtualised win 10
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