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  1. Thanks for helping gr5! The other avenues of support that I tried were a dead-end. My first password was only 6 characters. I think I updated it but I don't recall with 100% confidence. The problem seems to stem from recently pushing forum members into obtaining a UM password. I had one years ago when I ordered my UMO, but everything from those days is long gone. That's why I'm still stinging from the howto postings I made with dozens of photos years ago. They were lost (and not because they were Photobucket links or similar--UM just dropped them all during a forum migr
  2. I'm getting no response to the above or to my PM to SandervG or to my email to UM customer support. This is far from the first time that I've been totally disappointed by the results of changes to the UM forum and UM customer support too, for that matter! (Forum and forum member since my first UM purchase in 2012.)
  3. Sanderv, I got locked out of my old account (calinb) and there's no way to reset the password. I've participated on these various UM forums since 2012 can I'd like to get my old username/account back. It seems that every time we get a new UM forum, I have problems (deleted posts and photos, and now account lock-out, etc.)! Once again, I am only using this new account under username calinb_new to contract you. No one responded to my email to info@ultimaker.com either. Thanks, -Cal (calinb)
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