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  1. Got tired of waiting, so I rolled back to 4.3.3 by doing the firmware recovery (attached). It was actually fairly simple, and I'm not particularly technical. Anyway, every issue is now gone, and I'm back to printing. Work Instructions Ultimaker 3 firmware recovery.pdf
  2. Hi Nick, It sounds like you're having the same issue with the cuts, so hopefully there's some effort put towards fixing this issue! I just want to note that the solid infill I referred to is not actually infill. They're completely solid walls of the print stemming from the cuts at the boolean boundaries. -Mike
  3. I completely agree. If my current issue is unrelated to the firmware, then I should be able to definitively prove that by rolling back to the previous version and seeing if the problem persists. Why is it incumbent upon me to jump through a bunch of hoops to prove this?
  4. I've been following this thread since the firmware update bricked my printer, in the hopes that UM would recognize the catastrophic problem and at least provide a path to downgrading the firmware. But here we all are, almost a month later, with no hotfix in sight. My specific problem is that once I updated to 5.2, the machine won't level (active or manual), and ends the leveling process by saying there's a connection problem to my print head(s). I switched out the core with a brand new one, and that too gives the same ER18. It's highly unrealistic that this isn't related to the firmware because I finished a print literally moments before updating to 5.2. I tried to start a new print after clearing the plate, and the error appeared. It also failed to recognize my material that was just used in the previous print, and then actively refused to let me change it. But that seems to have resolved itself after 10+ times of trying to force it to commit a material change. Anyway, just throwing my comment in here to help draw more awareness.
  5. When I use the Per Model Settings to create custom support areas, Cura also adds cuts and solid infill at the intersections. I've tested this in 3.6 and 4.0 on two different computers, with the exact same result. I think it's a bug, but perhaps I'm not setting this up correctly? I've recreated this situation with simple cubes to demonstrate. Here are my steps: 1) Import model to be printed and cube to be used as custom support volume 2) Position and scale cube to encompass area that requires support 3) Set cube'sPer Model Settings to Modify Settings For Overlap With Other Models 4) Add and activate Generate Support and Support Overhang Angle 5) Click Prepare Unfortunately, this results in a bad surface, a waste of filament, and a huge increase in my print times. I'd appreciate any help. Thank you!
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