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  1. Hi, I like to print multi color with a single nozzle printer (Ender 3) and I used to use the pause mode to change filament. Here the probability of the hotend to turn back to the wrong layer height and destroy the print was about 50-60% for failure. Then recently I discovered the "pause at height" script in post processing and to my pleasure it turned out to be very reliable. The only thing I put into the script have been layer number and standby temperature. The rest of the settings I left untouched. Then yesterday it got it all wrong and after two successful filament changes using the script it came back after the third pause and crashed into the material, destroying not only the project but also my hopes that finally I got a solution for the change issue. I am pretty sure that I did not change my workflow and have no idea why suddenly it went south. Got anybody an idea what happened and how I can prevent the script from operating wrong in future prints?
  2. interesting, I will see to follow yur advice, thanx!
  3. I will do that check, thankyou!
  4. I still have a problem with the distances between the lines. I did various tests, always re-leveled and experimented with flow and altitude. Although I was able to improve the result by melting more material, that is up-lubrication (filling the space) and not a clean line connected next to the other. By now I think that my leveling is good and there is another reason. I print with an Ender 3 and drive the first layer with 210° Nozzle and 70° bed. Does anyone have an idea how to improve the line spacing?
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