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  1. I've only ever installed the previous version to Cura 4.0, never actually deleted it. I've remembered for the most part the more critical settings and tested things so far with good results so not the end of the world! Thanks for the help again though.
  2. I've just checked in both Cura 4.0 and the redownloaded 3.6 and went through each folder which I'm guessing gives me my answer... I probably should have read what I was agreeing to but it seems crazy to me that updating to a newer version of Cura would mean your profiles would be deleted! Starting from scratch it is, thank you for the help though!
  3. Hi all, Newbie in need here! I've recently installed Cura 4.0 but after opening found that my profiles were no longer there, I then reinstalled 3.6 in the hope that they might be in there as 3.6 was uninstalled when 4.0 installed, still no luck. I've looked on the forum to solutions to similar problems but the same resolutions haven't worked for me as yet as I'm unable to locate the profiles in any of the previous versions of Cura. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated as these settings took weeks of tweaking to get right and would be a massive help
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