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  1. MarcM, I am in a similar situation. We also bought the additional acrylic cover in order to retain heat for difficult-to-print materials, fully expecting to be able to use it (and the new improved aluminum build plate) to print 'challnging-to -print' materials like PC. Without the improved build plate, we would have been MUCH better off purchasing a less expensive (but no less capable) printer. I think it is the obstinate position taken by Ultimaker that this decision to cancel the aluminum build plate is no big deal. That decision is truly in the eye and mind of the ($6k USD poorer) purchaser who may not be able to do with the machine what they were led to believe they would be able to do with it. I have not yet engaged Ultimaker, so I cant yet say how my specific case will be handled, but I will be sure to report back once I know. I have been thinking about how best to proceed with Ultimaker, and will be in contact with them shortly. I hope they are willing to do what is necessary to make this right.
  2. I spec'd the S5 for my client and they purchased based on my reputation and claims of Ultimaker's excellent reputation for quality and service. Now I eat crow. Funny, I had not heard about the cancelled aluminum plate until today when I thought to investigate why it had not shipped yet. Very disappointed to hear it is cancelled. I have read through all the exchanges and have to say that it strikes me odd that a second glass sheet would be an equal replacement for what was suppose to be vastly superior aluminum sheet. If the glass is (and always has been) as good as they are saying it is now, why ever have started designing/marketing the aluminum? Clearly they were trying to improve some poor qualities of their existing glass (performance or cost or both) and they came up short. I do appreciate the honesty that they failed to meet their own standards. I'm even glad that they have their own standards. However, offering an inexpensive glass sheet to customers who paid a premium for a printer that now doesnt deliver what was promised is poor form. A second glass build plate is not a solution for everyone and others have proposed very very (note the double very) reasonable alternatives like build sheets, or nozzles, etc. There could have been many possible offerings to make it right. I dont understand why Ultimaker has picked this one and tried to make it sound like a good solution. A good solution is the one that makes the customer happy. Refunds should be offered to those who have now found out that this machine will not allow them to experiment as advertised. The printer I had purchased was sourced through an Ultimaker dealer, which is probably going to make this even more problematic. I am disappointed and will now have to look into how to return this printer. My $749 Prusa at home has a better build sheet and the difference in price speaks for itself (even given smaller build tray size). Not good.
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