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  1. MariMakes commented on Mar 8 on Github with definitive solution! Easy option 1: lower your initial printing temperature. Option 2: Change your max/min into a warning. Go to the following folder C:\Program Files\UltiMaker Cura 5.3.0\share\cura\resources\definitions To find the following file fdmprinter.def.json Find the Small Layer Printing Temperature definition Change "minimum_value" to "minimum_value_warning" and "maximum_value" to "maximum_value_warning" Save the file and restart Cura to slice
  2. [g5r note: to clarify - below text can be found here: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/14812#issuecomment-1459121985] From Github: (worked for me) GregValiant commented on Mar 8 Thanks for the report. I wasn't aware this setting existed. Here are a couple of lines from the fdmprinter file. "value": "material_print_temperature", "enabled": "cool_min_layer_time > 0", "minimum_value": "max(material_final_print_temperature, material_initial_print_temperature)", "maximum_value": "material_print_temperature", With my print temperature at 210, Initial Printing Temperature 205, and Final Printing Temperature at 200 I can set the Small Layer Print Temperature between 205 (the larger of the other two settings) and 210 (the Print Temperature). When I sliced a model with those settings, near the end of the gcode Cura inserted M104 lines and the temperature stepped down incrementally from 210 to 205 over the course of the last few layers. In regards to this bug report - It appears that if the Initial Print Temperature, Print Temperature, and Final Print Temperature aren't configured correctly (the boxes turn yellow) that it causes Small Layer Print Temperature to be in error and Cura won't slice. I don't know why it's set up that way but it makes it appear that what you have is a well hidden "expected behavior". The Tooltip text doesn't mention the connection with Initial or Final print temperature and it appears that it should. I think the Cura team is busy getting ready to release 5.3.2 but maybe @MariMakes or someone else from the team can chime in on this.
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