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  1. can you save the 3mf file to a card and have it print from sd card? i have the tevo tornado. or better yet, send it via usb cable? thanks. Ill look at the gcode, whats the best app to do that with?
  2. Ok, cool. so i cant review the gcode settings at all and see basics like print time etc from the gcode? I have saved my files now using the extension you told me
  3. First, im a brand new user here and for some reason, the product category for software is greyed out so i had to choose 3d printer for the category Ok, here is my question. I am using cura 4.0 and i have set up my printer, made my first part, and all went well. I have now started to mess with the print settings such as temp, speeds, and other basic settings. I save the file as a gcode file. I transfer to SD card, i print it and during the print, i forget how long it will take to print and i want to look at some of the other settings so i can write them down. I open the gcode file in cura4.0 and it loads the 3d image, but says i cant view the settings i had for it. How does one view the original print settings and see how long it will take to print? thanks
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