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  1. @yellowshark Haha yes it did test my patience to do 50 + hour print...Yes it seems to look better but for some reason the layer height appears almost .2 layer height by the time it gets to the middle to the top of the chair. Not sure why. I did do several smaller chairs before and other than quality, there were no problems with fails. The infill showing through was mainly on the big grey chair I posted earlier so my guess is the bigger the object, the more susceptible it is to this problem. Yup I changed the number for walls from 2 to 3 and that did the job. I'm not too familiar with different nozzle gauges yet as I bought this Ultimaker used as is and I am pretty new to 3d printing. It is very frustrating though because no matter how many atomic methods I use and adjusting the tension in the feeder it always seems to grind my filament to a pulp. Only a whole day spent trying to take apart the feeder and putting it back together and cleaning every mm of it seems to get prints going again smoothly. Might be the fact it's an old Ultimaker...or I got sold a lemon 🙂
  2. @yellowshark wow yours turned out great! I definitely understand not using supports to speed up the process. It's enough to see if the chair turned out or not. Was this the full scale or a reduced size version? So those settings are great to know. While I was waiting for this, I printed the chair with 10% infill, .06 layer height and 40mm/s. I changed the setting for material to default PLA in my Ultimaker 2, but in hindsight I really should have played around with the temperature because the infill inside had a lot of flaky gunk. However, the outside turned out pretty smooth until the last few hours or so the print failed due to grinding in the feeder. The print was about 2 days and 10 hours I think so it really sucked having it fail at that point. I tried to edit the .gcode file to remove everything before z156 where it failed but as you'll see in my attachment, it didn't work (the nozzle bumped the chair when I tried to resume, so it was probably doomed no matter what). I'll try your settings though and see what happens! Thanks again!
  3. @geert_2 yup I think it was infill actually. When I made the walls thicker that eliminated the problem.
  4. Ah good to know about the PLA temp being too hot. OK I await your print. Thanks!
  5. @yellowshark thanks again. So I don't have that print with me at the moment, but I tried printing this one with an even finer layer height (.06) and it looks like you're right; it is likely under-extruding. As you can see the layers aren't printing smoothly at all. To answer your questions: Printer: Ultimaker 2 (not +) layer height - 0.1 (for the purple print...new print was .06 extruder temp (220 as per the recommendation on the material reel (Colorfabb PLA) print speed - if you used different speeds for different parts of the printing then give me all of them - 80 for the purple one and 50 for the white one I have attached. flow % - 100%
  6. @yellowshark My print failed overnight as the material broke in the feeder and I spent all day taking apart the nozzle and feeder to clean all the filament (gotta say it is the most un-user friendly process trying to put an old Ultimaker feeder back together). I've attached the partial print before it failed...definitely the printer speed was way too high but I also feel like .1 mm wasn't even good enough to produce a smooth print. I'm going to attach the CURA file because I'm really overwhelmed with understanding the plethora of settings and short of printing at 30 speed and .6 mm for 3 days, I can't think of what is wrong with my settings. Thanks so much for your help! UM2_updated chair for 3d printing thicker back_fixed.3mf
  7. Good point @yellowshark it might not be the infill you're seeing! I'm still pretty new to this, so I don't know if there's some weird setting I did to cause this. However, I did notice with .1 mm layer height in smaller prints, it was much less noticeable. Also, my apologies; the layer height for the model in the picture was .2 and for the one I am currently printing (will be done by this time tomorrow night 🙁) it is .1 mm. Print speed for that pic was 60 and I have upped it to 80 since it's already gonna be a 20 hour print. It is an Ultimaker 2. Not sure what the extruder temp and flow % is as it's currently printing.
  8. I'm wondering if it's normal to have infill showing through the walls of a print? Infill before walls is not checked in CURA so I'm not quite sure why this is happening.
  9. Ah thanks! Didn't think of the parts part. I managed to get it to look somewhat decent after realizing there was a whole other layer of support still stuck to the chair. But in the future when I can afford it, I will try to get a dual nozzle printer with PVA support.
  10. Hi I'm pretty new to 3d printing and I am currently using an Ultimaker 2. I've been trying to work with supports to get this chair to have a smoother, higher quality bottom, but it doesn't seem to be working. I've attached screenshots of the support settings as well as the CURA file. Thanks! UM2_updated chair for 3d printing thicker back_fixed.3mf
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