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  1. i can correct that myself (when i know what casuses it). i model for two decades but i am new to 3d printing. 🙂 i have downloaded a few STL files from thingiverse and they had errors (open edges etc) but sliced perfectly. so i thought the slicing software is very forgiving. but now i see what is probably causing the issue. i have not modeled this head with 3d printing in mind. but it should be no problem to fix this area of the model.
  2. not sure what that means im pretty new to cura. you mean overlapping faces? around the eye are some areas where faces from the skull overlap with the eyeballs, yes. the eyes are seperate in the original model for animation. is there an option in cura to just ignore the internal structure? to only look at the surface and treat the internal volume as solid?
  3. hello, why is this happening when i try to slice a model. i made this model and exported it as STL. but when i try to slice it parts are missing.
  4. yeah 5 minutes after i wrote my post i thought "wait.... that´s just code for the stepper motor isn´t it?". i have a lot to learn about 3d printing. but it´s only one day and i have made my first own design (well from an image) and the print came out pretty well.
  5. i am pretty new to 3d printing and cura (got my 3d printer yesterday) i wonder will cura not open the g code files it writes? i guess then i have to use project files for my own creations? i have no other program i can think of that can not read the files that it writes. so i am a bit puzzled if that is indeed the case.
  6. i have the same issue. i made a few models yesterday and saved the files to SD and harddisk and today after opening them i get this error and can´t modifie the files. opening and editing files from thingiverse works.
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