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  1. belts play like a banjo, there's no slop in the hotend mount. i did try rolling back, but the print quality declined exactly in line with the update. and direction switching is violent during infill that said i admit 3.6 is now also having issues but fusion360 is exporting stl's to 4.0 and there's no point trapping myself in the past if it turns out there's a bug in the slicer I'm at home now so i'll attach some files layer shifts occur exactly when the infill starts printing at the 4mm mark when the top skin and walls start building. i've made that model about 7 times (usually stopping the job around the 10-15mm mark when i see the shifts in the camera) the shifts always start when the infill gets narrowed down and starts violently switching directions the white motormount and pulley image is an example of the previous slicer. Burtoogle, as the description says i've tried both in between and not inbetween options. started down that path when noticing the speed wobbles were in mostly between walls. it continues to a lesser extent wherever the infill changes direction rapidly though. leading me to suspect jerk control is not being factored correctly during infill CCR10S4_bbs_v5_beltcover.gcode CCR10S4_bbs_v5_beltcoverc.3mf
  2. I'm running a cr10s4 and was printing perfectly prior to the update largely my previous setup had lowered acceleration and jerk control off, speed was set to 30mm/s ever since the update i've not been able to keep a wall vertical. accelerations are all lowered to 125 with 500 for travel (defaulst are 500 and 1000) though i've tried numbers as low as 75 i've tried jerk on @ 20, tried jerk off @ 20, jerk on @ 5, jerk off @ 5 fill gaps between walls and not filling gaps...more on this will follow tri+hexagon, lines and triangles infill options specifically lowering infill speeds essentially the problem is related to infill, specifically rapid direction switching during infill. one trial run at the speed and accelerations all set to extremely low settings. the print moved like mollases and yet wall infills still gave the printer a seizure. i was holding the bench the printer was sitting on and could feel how violently the printer was shaking it. is it possible jerk control is not being taken into effect for infill? once again the printer was printing on the Y axis flawlessly on the previous build with not a lot of effort i'm currently at work so i can't attach any files for a few hours. i've wasted near enough to 2KG's of plastic trying to resolve this throughout the weekend
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