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  1. This is my first post here. I generally print highly detailed miniatures. I've been looking all over for a solution to avoid using supports for small overhangs that are very close to the actual print. The only solution so far is to use support blockers which are a pain to adjust if you have only small areas here and there where you want to avoid supports because you know that overhang prints and doesn't need them. I've added 3 photos to exemplify what I want to point out before heading to the feature request. If someone knows a solution to this besides custom supports or support blocker, I'd be happy to hear. For the first 2 photos the overhang angle has been set to 70 degrees. 1. I've highlighted with Red where I really need to have supports and with Blue where those are not necessary from and it will print just fine in my testing experience with 2 different printers with stock cooling. 2. I've also added a photo of a miniature which was extensively tested to print out without supports to reinforce my point from first photo even further. This has been printed without any supports and without any problems, although Cura would add supports at 70 degrees overhang angle. 3. The third photo is the miniature from the second photo printed without any supports showing how the overhangs look like on a 100 % stock printer. My idea would be to ask for a feature request to be able to adjust the minimum X / Y distance of the overhang to be considered an overhang in the first place. Something similar to X / Y support distance if you will. Let's say I have Overhang angle set to 70 degrees and I want to add supports only for overhangs that are over 0.3 mm wide on that particular layer, which for a 0.4 nozzle would mean that it would only have 33 % being supported from the previous layer. Anything lower than 0.3 should not be considered an overhang as it would have 50 % support offered from the previous layer. I'm really sure this would be highly appreciated among the big communities that print miniature and terrain pieces which are usually highly detailed and have a lot of small overhangs that are not really needed to be supported. Would love to hear your feedback / suggestions on this. 1. 2. 3.
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