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  1. I'm home now and I want to thank you all for the responses. I've attached the project file. CFFFP_Garrod_V3.3mf
  2. Sorry, I wrote this before leaving to work. I'll upload it when I get home today. This is the gcode right?
  3. Hi, I'm getting so frustrated. I'm new so I have no idea what I did wrong? The below picture is suppose to be a human form with supports, but instead it's a solid mass. I adjusted something incorrectly but I cant figure it out at all. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!
  4. Thanks for leading me in the right direction! The changes I made did a good job. Not bad for being the 4th thing I have ever printed in my life lol
  5. I have an Ant-Mini printer and it prints well for a low end one extruder, but I'm curious on the adjustment that I need to tweak in order to fix what's happening in the image attached. Printing a wall, the very top just shows the fill and doesn't cover. Only the stuff circled in red. I ran out of demo filament so it didn't finish the rest. Help is greatly appreciated. 😄
  6. Thank you very much. All of this helps out immensely.
  7. I'm new to 3d printing, so hopefully this is something with an easy answer. I have a model that I made in blender that is of a robot running. one of his legs sticks out at a downward angle. The printer tries to print the leg inline with the other lines but since there is nothing there the filament just goops. I'm assuming it would do this for the arms that are lower but have no base. How would I print this model? I've attached it for help. It needs to be scaled in Ultimaker CUra. Anyhow thank you for any answers. This just confuses me for some reason, so many settings and I really don't know what they all do. I couldn't find a pdf for the Ultimaker Cura. robotv2_5.stl
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