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  1. Sorry for the delay. JA5A5S_Vortech_Controller_Mount.gcode
  2. sorry. It is attached. I don't know the exact slice it starts to pause in but it is right above the midway point of the holes and then resumes without pauses after the holes are covered. JA5A5S_Vortech_Controller_Mount.3mf
  3. So I am new tp 3d printing. My first print was a bracket that has two screw holes in a vertical wall.I am guessing because I did not have supports set up that Cura was pausing to allow layers to harden so that the overhang portions of the holes would not sag. I am sure i can prove this by printing it again tp see if it pauses at the same location. once it was past the holes it went back to no more pauses. My question is if this is in fact what cure is doing and is there any way to prevent the blobs when it pauses? These pauses added about 1.5 hours to the print that cure never mentions .. Below is the item I was printing https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1817257
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