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  1. Thanks for the reply. I'm printing pla with a .4 nozzle, .2mm height, .3mm width, 100% fan speed, 4 top and bottom layers. I'm printing just close enough to get good adhesion and have tried pulling away from the bed to see if it solves the issue but it didn't make any difference beyond creating poor adhesion. I will try to lower the first layer flow tonight. 🙂
  2. Hello I've been having an issue with some prints coming out bumpy and was looking for some advice. I'm printing round scales for scalemail costume armour and Ican't seem to get them to come out smooth. I've tried every resolution, speed, and nozzle size, I've also tried using the "Iron final Layer" setting. Any ideas what's wrong? I've included the top and bottom of the finished scale as well as the first layer.
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