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  1. Hello! I have made a post-processing plugin that inserts a M117 command into the gcode at layer change, which writes remaining time to the display. I have now been using it for a couple of weeks without any issues so I would like to publish it for others to enjoy. Question is tho, how do I do that? I've followed this packages wiki page on how to create a package containing my plugin. Problem is, this plugin should only run after the gcode have been generated, so running it as a post-processing script fits perfectly. My current installation of my script is me moving it into "\Ultimaker Cura 4.1\plugins\PostProcessingPlugin\scripts\", but I would like the installation to be easier for others. Do I make a commit to the Cura github, with my script included in "\PostProcessingPlugin\scripts\" or is it possible to create it as a package for the Marketplace? Any help or advise is highly appreciated! Best regards, Mathew.
  2. I know this is an old post, but it was the first hit i got when searching for a total print time macro on Google, so I might at well post my findings. TLDR; There is a variable to get the estimated print time to use with M117, and that is: "print_time", so a M117 Est. time: {print_time}; results in this gcode after slicing in Cura 4.1.0: M117 Est. time: 01:36:07; I found a post with a list of variables available here, where Ghostkeeper linked to a list of old variables till supported (found here). He was even so nice to highlight the line where print time could be found.
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