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  1. Awesome, thanks for the quick response!
  2. Attached below now. I did some more testing and it looks like the problem goes away if I increase the wall line count, but I would still like to know how to make it work with lower wall line counts, if possible. holeguide.3mf
  3. Thanks for your reply. If you are referring to the gaps, that is simply coasting being enabled. But I have tried different models and encountered the same issue.
  4. Hi all, after one of the recent updates, infill in Cura is ignoring small holes (1.5mm and below). The infill goes straight through these holes, and is not adding the extra infill wall to them like bigger holes. Is there a setting I can adjust to change that? Thanks!
  5. Hi, I've started to notice an issue recently where featureless flat layers directly under the start of layers with features (walls, infill, etc) mimic the features on the next layer, rather than slicing like a regular flat, featureless layer, and presumable adding a lot of unnecessary time and movement. I've added some pictures to clarify what that looks like. The first is what should be a completely featureless, flat layer, but for some reason has a very complicated travel path. The second shows that that same layer is indeed printing as if in unnecessary anticipation for the next layer. And the third pic shows the next layer, which is (or at least should be) the very first layer with any features on it. I'm relatively new to 3d printing, so maybe I'm missing something simple. Any guidance on how I make be able to change this would be appreciated. Thank you!
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