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  1. omg you are an absolute life saver. WOW just wow. I never even touched maxed travel resolution...or maybe I did somehow/sometime?? Either way I am so relieved. Thank you so much!! UGH and same thing with max retraction count, I never even changed that!! I did just get cura installed on this computer a few days ago but so weird that those settings had those values defaulted. Maybe im crazy and I changed them but I can swear I never did. So string problem is resolved..now I just have to work on the z-seam and "zits"/"blobs" and things should finally be looking pretty.
  2. CFFFP_Grinder_Bottom_Prototype1_V1.3mf I should be able to print this without travels going over the holes along the perimeter or through the open space in the center right? Hopefully i'm not going mad trying to do accomplish something the software simply cannot accommodate at this time. Thank you for your time and support!
  3. Hi all, currently using the latest version of Cura, 4.1 I believe. For days I have been struggling trying to figure out why so much stringing was occurring and I really started looking into the travel paths and observing what was occurring. I am not sure if it's a bug or what I can do about this...I have combing on in "not in skin" mode which means if it's not printing a skin it should only travel over areas that are printed, cool right? WRONG. It appears that even if an area was printed over 100 layers ago it still considers that a printed area and takes the liberty to travel over holes, large open space, you get the idea. Now while that is a major issue for me all on it's own and I could really use a way for combing to be acting on a layer by layer basis, I also have settings turned on like minimum coasting distance without retraction and a few others which should also be acting to prevent my stringing issue, but that isn't happening either. I will post pictures of my model both in the slicer and in reality, as well as all of my print settings once I get home. Hopefully you guys can shed some light on this situation. Also, if this is the way things are with the program right now, is there another software that has this sort of capability? Do I have to learn gcode and modify travel paths somehow? I'll literally do whatever it takes at this point.
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