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  1. Hi; I want to print my model but ıcant do it my model look grey and ghost this is my final project and its to much ımportant print but ı cant print pls someone help me 😞 My model file attach Water Slide.stl
  2. Thank you for everythıngg 🙂
  3. Thanks for answer and how ı repair this model easly can you help me?
  4. Here my project 3mf pls help me 😞 water slidee.3mf
  5. Change .3mf but nothing change 😞 if i send my model can you look more detail for problem
  6. Hi; I have problem and ı can find any solution 😞 I have water slide project and ı want print my models.I am model ın 3dMax And send cura but my model always seems gray and ıcant print it.Cura Just show supports. I am new 3d Printer user pls help me 😕 My Printer is Ender 3
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