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  1. As of August 2nd there's still no moderator approval/disapproval for my question. Is anyone here?
  2. I've been trying to find a solution in the online manual but maybe I'm just too daft to find it. I have an older MendelMax-3 dual extruder printer, where extruder #1 is on the right, and extruder #2 is 33mm to the left. But when I try to enter my printer information into Cura, it cuts off 33mm from the left edge of the bed, marking it as an unprintable area. But the truth is that the print head can move off the bed on both sides, making the entire bed area fair game. How do I tell Cura that? I've tried setting the Printer Settings > X Width and Printhead Settings > X Max to be 33mm wider to compensate, but this still makes the printer think that (0,0) is 33mm to the right of the left edge, and causes objects on the right side of the bed to print off the edge of the bed all together.
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