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  1. Hey Thank you nallath, I'll give it a try. --- 5 minutes later... Yep, it worked!
  2. Hey there! I used to be able to rename my printers, but with 4.7.1 each time I rename it reverts back to the original printer name after closing and re-opening the program. Any advice?
  3. Solved: So you cannot use any special characters in the file name! It was that simple
  4. Hmm we created a model and tried the CR10S profile and when we loaded the card with the gcode for the model the machine could not see the file. We used the creality software for the same model and it could see the file but not the one made in cura... not sure what to try next
  5. Greetings to all w e need to set up in CURA and dont see a profile yet in cura 4.1, what to do?
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