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  1. Hi all We have an Ultimaker 2 at work, which gave me a headache yesterday. Long story short, it is now stuck in the first part of the factory reset because the z-stop is engaged and it gives an error message. (z-stop stuck/broken) I have tried moving the bed (with printer turned off), and when I start the reset procedure it just moves down, engages the z-stop and throws the error. I interfaced with the printer through pronterface, and the error seems to be that the printer should move to engage the stop, and then move back 7mm to disengage. But the printer seems to not move and the z-stop remains activated forcing the error. I tried recalibrating using the below video tutorial, but several of the commands don't seem to get a response from the printer!?: Any suggestion are most welcome 🙂 Best regards Malte
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