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  1. You know the software builds a support under a cutout to support the building of a ceiling over the area. I've reduced the heat setting and the thickness of the build which allows cleaning out the areas much easier. Im not sure how accurate the heat setting actually is from the sensor coming back from the hot end.
  2. I found the percent adjustment for internal support and set for 20 which helps for my needs. Still the vertical; walls are quite thick and hard to clean out to the drawn size. I've got a mini circuit board and battery going inside my printed part. Is there a manual setting I am missing? By the way the Utilimaker Cura is fantastic !!!
  3. Bought a used Anycubic Chiron made some repairs and bought PTEG filament. I have imported a couple of different drawings into Cura and save to an SD card. My problem is no matter what filament I enter for the drawing it always defaults to 200c. This is my first printer but i am a Solidworks user. Russ
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