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  1. kimball - thanks. Good luck with your 3D prints!
  2. dxp - thanks! I think I have it pretty much dialled in now. I designed a model of my own, set bed temp to 60 dec C, used a brim, adjusted level one more time whilst the bed was hot. We have a passable result. Anyway, I'm reasonably pleased given that this is my first time doing any of it... Thanks to all who have shown an interest.
  3. johnse - thanks! I am printing with the 200g sample reel of PLA which was supplied with the printer. And, so I understand, is manufactured by Sovol themselves. A brim/raft? is being used. Trying again. Having edited the gcode to raise the bed temp to 60 deg C from 50.
  4. So I went ahead and moved the X-axis limit switch 3 mm further up the vertical frame. This saves having to crush the bed springs down excessively. Issue fixed. Still not getting a test print (XTZ cube) to stay fixed to the print bed - so failed prints. I have levelled the bed multiple times. I have even drag on a piece of paper all over the print bed, which is glass with a textured surface - looks very much like Anycubic Ultrabase. The supplied gcode file for the XYZ cube prints with settings for 50 deg C base and 200 deg C extruder. My understanding of this part may no
  5. The print bed is actually 300mm wide from left-to-right standing in front of the machine. And 255mm deep, front to back. I assume it is common to reduce the physical maximum measurements to a more conservative print area. I am now fiddling with the Z-axis. The print head wants to go lower than the print bed. It is not clear where the limit switch should be fitted. So I will move it further up and try that. Thanks for your interest.
  6. So, on the off chance that someone does have an SV01 and that they read this... Sovol came back to a message I posted on their website. They confirmed "...the parameters of SV01 is X280*Y240*Z300" I have no idea whether this rectangular shape build plate is unusual but it is not helpful that there is some inconsistency in giving the dimensions, i.e. "240x280x300mm" vs, "X280*Y240*Z300"
  7. Cymon - thanks! Of course I meant to say: "My choice may not have been the best..." but I am hoping that I can adapt settings etc. from stuff available for the Creality printers.
  8. Hi. New user here and I have just ordered my first 3D printer - a Sovol SV01. I chose this model because it has direct-drive rather than a Boden setup and I am led to believe this will let me print with a wider range of filaments. It is based on mostly Creality components and may even be manufactured by Creality. As I said I am completely new so I am going on information gathered from various websites. My choice may have been the best however as I am struggling to find printer settings. The manufacturer's manual states in Cura select Creality CR-10 then Change Printer Settings to ( 300, 260, 3
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