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  1. Hello everyone, Since the Architect Design Competition | Trees....... never happened last year id be really interested to see what people have actually done for themselves. These would be at 1:500 scales so end products would be 5m, 10m, 15m, and 20m trees at this scale (see files attached for XYZ dims). A challenge or a nightmare? okay so for my practice here in Chichester, I have been trying to print trees in mass (so not just one at a time) the examples bellow print good by themselves and then seem to fail once trying to batch print. (if one fails in a batch it ruins the rest and after hours of printing this is really annoying ..... everyone ever who 3D prints knows the feeling). So as a start I have attached the files and the profiles I have been working on for everyone to look at. Different variations and shapes would be great to see and what people have done themselves. Any help at all on the current files would be great any variations just a bonus and as for as I am aware it hasn't been done !!!! The idea of this forum is to create a collection for all to use, so feel free to join, follow and upload to. Happy printing!!!! Large_x1_NOVIUN_Tree (15m_1-1)_(30mmXYZ_1-500).3mf Medium_x1_NOVIUN_Tree (10m_1-1)_(20mmXYZ_1-500).3mf Small_x1_NOVIUN_Tree (5m_1-1)_(10mmXYZ_1-500).3mf large tree 15m profile.curaprofile medium tree 10m profile.curaprofile small tree 5m profile.curaprofile Small_x22 mass print_UM3_NOVIUN_Tree (5m_1-1)_(10mmXYZ_1-500).3mf
  2. @SandervG Where is the forum for the next contest (trees) cant seem to find it! did the competition ever take place ?
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