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  1. So I appear to have fixed it, though I had to go and delete all files found in the AppData Local and Roaming folders that were connected with Cura. I did a fresh install and it is launching again. I saved these files into a different space so I can go back to them. Seems to indicate that there is some form of corruption happening with the data in these files, though it is interesting as it appears to happen across all versions that are loaded side by side. Seeing as how all files seem to be segregated by user versions, except for some log files, I wonder if there was an error in
  2. Note, I did try compatibility mode as mentioned in many other threads, and this did not work before or after the clean installs. I have also tried to load multiple instances of it, as well as killing off each instance between restarts. Some threads seemed to indicate that it took launching it multiple times to get it to work. None of these solutions have worked either.
  3. I too am running into an issue with this. I was just going back to reslice a file, and it locked up on me. I had to kill it in the task manager. I went to relaunch it, and it hung. I had 2 versions of Cura (3.6.X and 4.2.1). I tried 3.6.1 with the same result. I wondered if it was that I was not up to the current release and I downloaded and installed 4.3.0. All had the same issue hanging with the GUI loading. This was even indicated in the Windows task manager. I have deleted all Cura versions as well as profile data and reinstalled 4.3.0. This did not fix it. I did re
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