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  1. Thanks for your answer. Switch are working well, I finally find out that the axis were not parallel anymore (we had an issue with plenty of PLA fooling around the head, and as trying to remove it, we probably pull a little too hard.....) After setting up the axis correctly, switch were working well again, and I was able to correct the dual material highness changing position following ultimaker procedure. So that's all good for me now!
  2. Hi I have an issu since a few days. Our Ultimaker 3 lost her home head intial position. When it trys to initiate, the X Y motors make some noise (same as if they lost there steps). We go back to factory setting, now it is a bit better (some motor noise sometime but it (seem to) stop in a correct position). The main problem that remain is for dual material priting. The Ultimaker can't change the highness for hotend n°2, the specific movement it does normally to switch it up is made in an uncorrect area... Is someone nows how to reset all this to go back to correct setting? Is there an autoajustement procedure?
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