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  1. @NBull thank you for the help! After turning off/on, Ultimaker magically registered the print core again. I was able to change the print core, manually remove the filament & cut off the damaged parts (the feeder ground it down on one end and it had gotten pretty messed up on the other). I re-loaded material and got my print going in no time. Thanks again!
  2. Help! I must have done something wrong when changing print cores from AA 0.4 to AA 0.8...the printer accepted the new print core but didn't start my print. Now the print core is STUCK but the UMs5 says no print core is loaded. When I try to "load" the print core, it just tells me to insert until it clicks, but since the print core is already inserted it won't read it and I cannot get the printer to think there's somethin g there so I can then unload. I am also unable to remove the bowden tube to pull out the material to then remove the print core. I also do not know how to clean the back of th
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