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  1. Hello LePaul, I will check tomorrow the TFM Coupler and keep you up to date.
  2. Thanks for your answer, Well the strange thing is that I tried to print a g-code file that worked 1 month ago on the printer, so also couldn't think of any problems about the settings.
  3. Hello Ultimaker Forum, I hope you can help me, I have an Ultimaker 2+ with 2300 print hours. Recently i replaced a fan and when i tried to do a print there is no material coming out of the nozzle. The feeder in the back grinds in the material pushing no material forward. But was i found is strange, I load the PLA material in the ultimaker, no problem. At the end of loading the PLA there is also a stream of PLA coming out of the nozzle and you see the feeder pushing the material trough the bowden tube so that seems to be working fine. But when i try to test print something there is no material coming out of the nozzle. You also do not see the PLA moving through the bowden tube, when i look at the feeder i see the feeder turning but the material not moving, so it grinds in the material leaving a mark like this. What could i do to fix this, the strange thing is that feeder is turning normally in the material during inserting the material. Feeder is on middle tension and i already tried cleaning the nozzle with the atomic method. I really hope you can help me, i searched on the internet but the only thing I can find is clean the nozzle and adjust the feeder tension. I also don't think it could be the TFM coupler because there is material coming out. what do you think could be a solution? Thanks in advance!
  4. Thnx for your reaction Smithy. Just took a good look at the fan and 5 blades are torn off. I think this caused the problem!
  5. Hello, I need your support. I got an older ultimaker 2+ (2300 print hours) and every time I turn it on the Hot end cooling fan (the horizontal fan at the back) immediately start turning (this is also not normal right) and making a hell of a noise. While normal ultimaker 2+ are quiet during start-up. What could be the problem and should I do to fix this? It is not that the screws are lose or so. Will a new fan fix this problem and follow this manual: https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/50657-replace-the-hot-end-cooling-fan What type of fan should i replace it with then? Is this the correct fan? https://www.cards3dprinting.com/model-cooling-fan-12vdc-01a-1313.html Couldn't find much about this on your forum. Thnx for helping!
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