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  1. Hi, For some reason I am unable to slice with the print sequence "one at a time". I keep getting the "unable to slice" error. I read about setting the print-head settings and gantry height in the "machine settings", and I think my troubles start there. I am using a delta printer (Anycubic Predator). When I try to set the printhead setting (the min X,Y and max X,Y) the values I put in keep changing. I put in a number and when I press "enter" or "tab" the number keep changing. Looks like a bug but I didn't see it reported anywhere. Also, my gantry height is set at 455 (the max for the printer), which should be plenty for what I'm trying to print (a few rather short pieces). I am not sure how Cura will handle a gantry height for a delta printer, technically the collision path can change based on the angles of the 3 arms, it is not as simple as an X/Y path on a Cartesian system. So, is it even possible to print "one at a time" in Cura with a Delta printer? If so, what am I doing wrong? Thanks!
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