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  1. Hello all, Thank you for all advice for this method. And you can find in the attachment some ımages about result of my "3D Printed Forming Mold" (prepairing for working under vacuum) I think, it will be more smooth. Nowadays i am thinking about that, How can i do it..
  2. Hello all. i tryed some printing. When i set the bottom&top thickness is 0, it is good for air flow in this area. But i dont know about outside walls. Because the flow is not good here. Can anybody help me for outside walls? Thank you for all. Ömer SELÇUK
  3. Thank you for your advices. I will try to this method today. and This is my previev :
  4. In this manufacturing methods, the Forming Molds (I want to manufacture this tool with UM2+) should keep paper pieces on the surface under vacuum
  5. Thank you for your reply. But i dont want to know this kind of thinks, i want to know like this: "Paper Pulp Molding with 3D Printed Molds" Link is here
  6. Hello everyone. How i made this kind of molds from "FDM" manufacturing with Cura? What kind of slicing settings for made this kind of mold on UM2+ ? You can find the some example file about that in the attachment. Thank you, Omer SELCUK [advertisements removed by gr]
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