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  1. Ahh I didn't pay any attention of the wait until heated to xx °C. I will definitely try with the R25 instead and will let you know. But on Monday. Thanks for the notes as well. 1° I guess we will see if it is supported soon. 2° Since Im in northern Germany ATM and the project will be done in 1.5 months, it won't be to hot 🙂
  2. I have tried replacing the M140 S25 with M190 S25 and that didn't work. Also tired M140 S25 followed by M190. But I haven't tried M140 S25 M190 S25 I am away from the printer now, but will try on Monday 🙂
  3. Hello, I am working on a project where we have to print a lot of piece and would like to leave the printer (Ultimker S5) to print over the whole weekend (so I don't loose the 20h of possible print time). So I have changed the G-code to make it "automatized", where it print the model, pushes it out and goes off to print the same thing again. I have defined the travel and it works, but I have encountered a problem with the heating bed temperature. So, the printer should cool the glass plate to about 20-25 °C before pushing the model out to be sure it will be removed easier. Here is the G-code I have added/changed (# are just the comments I added here😞 M140 S25 #cool the bed to 25 °C G0 X160 Y125 #move "behind" the model G0 Z10 #move down G0 Y0 F2000 #push the model out #The rest is c/p from the beggining of the print M140 S85 #heat the bed to 85 °C M106 S1 M204 S2812 M205 X18 Y18 ;MESH:Object 34 G0 F6180 X158.075 Y28.465 Z0.42 M204 S750 M205 X7.5 Y7.5 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1500 E51.96984 However, the printer does not wait for the bed to cool down, but only continues to push the model out right away and start a new print. I have also tried with M190 (Wait for bed temperature to reach target temp) after the M140, but Im not sure it is supported by UM as I receive an error on the S5 that the bed temperature is not defined properly. Any ideas how can I make the UM S5 wait to reach defined temperature and then proceed to push the model out, wait to heat the bed again and start printing again ? Thanks, Matija
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