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  1. minuteman64's post in Problem With Support was marked as the answer   
    Actually, the more annoying problem is on the other side.  Photo below.  The portion being supported is at the top (it's a hinge leaf shown from the back).  The support for this starts on the bed way wider than needed and the support extends to cover the bottom of the hinge leaf.  The support only needs to be the diameter that is between the two parts of the hinge leaf.
    To get a functioning part I'll need to clean up the support issue in this area.  How do i decrease the footprint of the support on the base?

  2. minuteman64's post in Distortion/Shrinkage at Bottom of Print was marked as the answer   
    Yep, it was the bed temperature.  Went in 5 degree increments down to 80 degrees.  Got best print at 80, still with good bed adhesion.  This problem solved. 
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