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  1. hello everyone I was writing a python code that extracts print time of each STL file and export as excel sheet, i was encountered with couple of issues, seeking for help in this community 1.unable to change infill density through curaEngine slice command 2. when i give some bunch of STL files few were not slicing and exporting gcodes file only with start and end gcodes no codes for particular stl file,checked file repairing,fits perfectly in build volume, these files were being sliced successfully when import to cura following is the command i was using please check and help me if any thing wrong with infill_sparse_density, i was not facing any problem with layer height CuraEngine slice -v -j "C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 4.5\resources\definitions\tevo_tornado.def.json" -s infill_sparse_density="80" -s layer_height="0.2" -l C:/Users/venkatesh/Downloads/beer.stl -o "C:\Users\venkatesh\Desktop\test.gcode"
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