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  1. My settings attached ultimaker0.8.curaprofile
  2. I am new on 3D printing. This is rhetorical question as this is very common issue and many answers out there; though I am still trying to find a good method to get a handle of this. I recently got ultimaker 2+ It seems to work well with 0.4 mm and it started with same problem of first layer not sticking but now I have it working though nozzle height adjustment and use of glue+brim . However I just changed to 0.8 mm nozzle and ran the same issue. I am trying out few things and looking for suggestion on best way to address these issues. Here are few things I did after changing also cura setting from 0.4mm -> 0.8mm and use of brim a) Realign the bed to adjust for nozzle height (did not help) and b) Change bed temperature to 70 (no help). Use the brim (did not help) c) Apply the UHC stic glue on the glass (help a little but still peel) d) Change cura setting to reduce the initial layer speed layer all the way down to 15 mm/s. . This made the most improvement but I still see minor peel on internal section. Any suggestion on how should I fine tune further. What is the reasonable first layer speed/setting with larger nozzle. Is there setting to reduce the extrusion amount in the first layer. Should it be less or more. and cooling (i do have fan disabled on first layer) Thanksyou!
  3. Thankyou. Yes I was not aware of it and just assumed. After few google search I came to same conclusion. Thanks again for help BTW can I get suggestion on some economical brand for filament spool. These PLA spools are 2X price of what I used before for 1.75mm (>$40 for 2.85mm vs $20 for 1.75mm). Can I use any 2.85 mm PLA. Any suggestion on a reasonable good brand that is not too expensive (not cheep either).
  4. Hi, I am new to 3D printing. I bought Ultimaker 2+ last week. It came with 2.85 mm spool and worked great. Yesterday I changed to generic PLA (Hatchback 1.75mm) that I have and it seems to print OK for first several layer but then nothing comes out of nozzle after ~15-25% of print job. Nozzle keeps moving but nothing is coming out.. When I restart the job same thing happen at different point. I changed to another new PLA spool but saw the same result. I am assuming my CURA setting for material is wrong but not sure which one. I did change the diameter of material (diameter - 1.75mm, retraction distance 5.5mm, retraction speed 25mm/sec). Is there cura profile for 1.75mm spool that I can find. Oh I also moved to use Octoprint (reprep profile). I am now backtracking to find the root cause but it will be helpful to know what all can cause such issues Can you help suggest what I may be doing wrong here Thanksyou for your help
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