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  1. netfabb fixed it for me I think. It's starting up right now, but Cura seemed to indicate it would work. It's just strange to me that Cura didn't recognize the mesh from one angle but did from another. I designed it in Blender with a couple of array modifiers on circles and a boolean diff on a 1mm plane.
  2. I used Blender, which I’ve used many times without issue. Even for more complex designs. And I understand the concept of normals and recalculate them every time I export the stl. But you can see, even Cura recognizes the mesh when the model is rotated 90°. It’s only when laying flat does it have a problem. I’ll give netfabb a try. I didn’t think about that.
  3. I'm attempting a 1 mm print for a template, but I can't seem to get the settings properly for Cura to print with the model laid out flat. As you can see when the model is standing on end Cura has no problem with it, but once laid flat the model Cura just generates a plane. I've played with all manner of settings but nothing seems to impact it. I'm using an Ender 3 with the 4mm nozzle.
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