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  1. Hello, First post here and I am only days into the software. I have Cura 4.4 running Octoprint and Snapmaker V1 I am getting results from Cura that are so impressive compared to what I have been used to with the native slicer, I am really impressed. Unfortunately my prints are getting to around layer 25-26 when the Gcode (I have tracked it down to the code) sends it off and creates a layer shift in X. Why would it print incredibly well to that point the create a shift and then from what I can see in the Gcode, try and resume normal operations after that. I found it is in the Gcode and it is X playing around happily in the X25 - 32 region then all of a sudden its starts flirting with values from 98 -102> Why would CURA produce Gcode with that going on..
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